09 Dec

Pilato’s lake

The southern edge of the Sibillini is distinctive for its highest peaks: Monte Vettore (2478m) Cima del Redentore(2449m) Monte Argentella (2201m) Palazzo Borghese (2119m) and Monte Porche (2235m).
Within this ridge is located Pilato lake. There is a typical glacial valley with a “U” profile. Here, even in Summer, there are some snow tongues, often covered with mounds of detritus.

Pilato’s lake was formed in the bottom of the glacial hollow with two circular basins (shaped like a pair of eyeglasses) with the maximum depth at its center (about 9 m).
The shape and the level of the reservoir are affected by annual precipitations. From Winter till late Spring the surface of the lake freezes completely. In the lake you can find a small shellfish which lives here and nowhere else in the world: the Chirocefalo del Marchesoni (Chirocephalus Marchesonii). It is orange and diaphanous, 14 mm long, it swims on the back and lays its eggs near the lake’s shores. This is the reason why it’s better to stay a few metres away from the edge of the lake. It was found in 1954 by the Professor Marchesoni during a hydro biologic research campaign, which was organised from University of Camerino.

Main information
Elevation gain: 1000m.
Duration of the tour: about 3 h to go and 2:30 h to come back
Difficulty of the route: medium, because of the length and the elevation gain of the route. The initial stretch of the path is teep and slippery.
Equipment: hiking gear, headgear, appropriate footwear, food and water.
Interest: geomorphologic, floristic, faunal and landscape.
Period: from late Spring to Autumn.
Location: the valley of Pilato’s lake is located on the south-eastern side of the the Sibillini Mounts.

09 Dec

Monteguarnieri Park

You can start your holiday in the Sibillini with a walk in Monteguarnieri Park. 

As a framework of the ancient park situated on the top of the village, there are the Sibillini Mounts. Here you can choose different adventurous itineraries, marked by a fitness trail inside the forest. An huge glade, suitable for both old and young people, being in contact with nature.

Monti Azzurri Hotel offers carbon rackets for those who want to practice nordic walking.

In the afternoon, after siesta, we suggest you to visit Museum of Sibilla to learn more about our culture. The museum is located just a few steps from the Hotel inside Villa Curi where you can find “la casa del Parco” too. The entrance is free.

09 Dec


Gole dell’Infernaccio, or just Infernaccio, are natural gorges formed by the River Tenna. These are located in the Municipality of Montefortino, in the province of Fermo, in the National Park of Monti Sibillini. They are among the most suggestive gorges of Umbro-Marchigiano Apennines.

Gole dell’Infernaccio are an important place for excursions and walks, especially for relief from Summer heat.
From Gola dell’Infernaccio you can take some of the most famous excursions of Monti Sibillini: the Hidden Waterfall, the Source of the River Tenna (Capotenna) and the Hermitage of San Leonardo.

Main information
Location: just 12 km from Montemonaco (AP) and 6 km from Montefortino (FM)
Length of the route: about 9,5 km
Altitude: departure at 900 metres above sea level. Arrival at 1150 metres above sea level
Difficulty of the route: easy. For hikers and families with children
Duration of the tour: about 3 hours


09 Dec

Gerosa lake

Lago di Gerosa is a 400 mt large artificial lake, 2 km long. It’s mainly fed by Aso River that goes down from the slopes of Monte Vettore to Adriatic sea. The lake signs the borders among three municipalities: Montemonaco, Montefortino and Comunanza.

Thanks to the large size of the lake, activities such as canoeing, sailing and fishing are frequently organised. In Summer the place is very popular for its small beaches, appreciated by tourists who come here to enjoy the sun and the wonderful views.
The right bank, covered with forests, is the least accessible but it’s perfect to enjoy relaxing walks or to practice Nordic Walking. In the adjacent forest path it is possible to meet some wild mammals like deer, porcupine or badger.


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